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do not go gentle into the night

rage, rage against the dying light.

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enigma in the shadows

Ryuacchi is a female teenager from the Philippines. She is a Scorpio, and proud of it. She is proud, and sometimes egoistic. She loves doing stuff with the Computer, especially at webdesign and graphics making. She supports Linux over Windows and Mac. Her interests are versatile. Works best when motivated. Her imagination runs high. Her interests are versatile and could change from time to time. She loves to sing, but sucks at drawing. Is sadistic, likes mystery and blood, and has a psychotic side to her. Also caring and loyal to her close friends.

this is my story

animanga; gundam 00 - [h]allelujah haptism, pot - rikkaidai, tgq - ryuu amakusa, higurashi, sayonara zetsubou sensei, loveless, saiyuki - sanzo-ikkou, clamp - trc, kajiura yuki, kawai kenji, yyh - kurama, kkm - shinou.
games; kingdom hearts - riku, twewy - joshua, .hack//g.u. - volume 3, grandia 3 - miranda, persona - ryoji, ace attorney - gavin, hotel dusk - rosa, truma center - chase, final fantasy, tekken, suikoden.

flying through the skies

@ adstringendum
- Nox Catorce [nightsdespair]

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